See Thru Bikini

While bikini styles such as the micro bikini, Brazilian, and thong do the trick of leaving very little to the imagination by making use of as little fabric as possible, see thru bikini allows just the same exposure even if it uses more fabric. With the use of special materials that still expose what is supposed to be hidden while it is covered, transparent swimwear shows the beauty that usually lays hidden underneath small pieces of fabric.

see thru bikini sheer bikini

Types of transparent beachwear

These sheer swimwear items usually come in different degrees of transparency, allowing for different levels of exposure. This degree of transparency usually depends on the material used to make the swimsuit. A mesh swimsuit allows generous sunlight to pass through its open weave, but it does not actually reveal its true nature until it is wet. Crochet, metal mesh, and vinyl are among the materials most commonly used in this type of bathing suits.

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Aside from mesh pieces made of crochet, vinyl, or metal, translucent bathing suits can also fall under the category of see-through beachwear. They are made of a material called Lycra, which allows for a semi-transparent look when it is dry. When it is wet, the material becomes entirely see-through. The most revealing variants of this type of swimwear are those in light colors, especially white. It is because these colors contrast the most through the fabric or material.

Of course, transparent bathing suits are also included in the list of daring pieces. Wet or dry, they allow complete exposure of the body parts they are supposed to cover. Nylon and clear vinyl are usually used in making these types, though most people prefer to use nylon because this material is more comfortable than clear vinyl.

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See Thru vs. Sheer

Though pretty similar in a lot of aspects, sheer swimsuits are more modest than transparent ones. They are usually made of very thin Lycra with several holes to allow for sunlight to enter. Sheer bikinis are usually used by women who love tanning and sunbathing. Instead of actually exposing the body parts that they cover, sheer bikinis actually make use of skin tone fabrics to create the illusion of exposure. Also, sheer swimsuits usually reveal the skin only when it is wet. On the other hand, bathing suits that are almost or completely transparent usually provide skin exposure whether they are dry or wet. And they don’t use skin tone fabrics as lining.