Mesh Bikini

If you are looking for the perfect suit to take on your next vacation to the islands, a mesh bikini is right up your proverbial alley. The sheer, soft fabric feels heavenly against your skin. You can bask in the glorious warm sun confident in the knowledge that with your mesh bikini the sun’s rays will tan you right through the fabric. That’s right; there are no ugly tan lines to worry about in a sheer, mesh bikini. The fabric acts as a natural sunscreen giving you a little protection, but still letting the warm rays tan your skin underneath. How perfect is that?

mesh bikini

Many mesh bikini fabrics come in beachy, tropical prints that make it hard to notice the sheerness of the fabric until it is wet, in case you are a little shy in it at first. With all the attention that you’ll be getting, it won’t take long before you will feel confident strutting your hot stuff all over the beach in your sheer bikini. Mesh is the perfect fabric to handle bold or exotic prints, too. If you don’t usually take a lot of risks with your swimwear, don’t be afraid to push the envelope here. You’ve already decided to take a chance on a mesh bikini so go the extra step and make it super enticing with a sexy animal print like leopard or tiger.

Another great benefit of a mesh bikini is that it dries quickly. This comes in really handy when you want to hit the tiki hut for a little respite from the sun and mingle with your fellow beach goers. It is a sure that you’ll get your drinks bought for you while you bask in the limelight, knocking them dead in your mesh bikini which just goes to show – sometimes taking a fashion risk can bear nice rewards!