Micro Bikini See Thru

Making use of very little fabric that exposes what it is supposed to hide anyway is something that a micro bikini see thru is known for. See-through and tiny, this type of swimwear completely exposes the whole body for the naked eye to see. While actually transparent and not that noticeable, this type of bikini also comes in a wide variety of colors and designs for one to choose from.

Swimsuit designs

Modern and electrifying, metallic transparent micro swimsuits are simply a hit among those who have the confidence and everything else it takes to wear a see-through beachwear. See-through variants of metallic bathing suits come in different styles. There are red string ones, micro g-string ones, mini bandeau variants, and tiny teardrop varieties, among others.

There are also floral designs, striped ones, and plain-colored ones. These designs and colors are actually intended to add variety and to suit consumer preferences.

Finding the appropriate style

Needless to say, see-through or transparent bathing suits are not the kind of swimming outfit for those who do not have enough guts and do not have appropriate physical attributes. Like most other types of swimwear, transparent pieces only favor certain body types. Usually, they work best with those who have slender bodies and not-so-large busts.

Also, this type of beachwear is not for the faint-hearted. As mentioned earlier, it reveals everything. So if you are not really in for that kind of exposure, you better check out other styles. There is a lot for you to choose from, each having its own design and level of exposure.

Uses and advantages

Considering the kind of exposure that it poses, this type of swimsuit is considered in most public beaches and resorts as indecent. But some women still prefer to wear this type of bathing suit because it allows maximum tanning for sunbathing purposes. There are a number of beaches that allow nude swimming or nude bathing. Also, this type of swimming outfit is usually worn by exotic dancers.

Buying beachwear

You can check out online and offline swimwear shops when looking for revealing pieces. Make sure that the top fits snugly around your bust for maximum comfort. Make sure that the swimsuit shop has a return policy in case the beachwear does not fit you. You can also purchase various accessories that will complement your fabulous bathing suit such as bangles, cover-ups, hats, oversized shades, and colorful tote bags.