See Thru Thong Bikini

The emergence of provocative swimming outfits such as the see thru thong bikini is one proof of how serious some people are about tanning. Allowing wearers to bare as much as they dare, this type of swimsuit leaves almost nothing to the imagination. This variant is made of see-through materials that expose what they are supposed to cover to the naked eye. It is one of those types of swimwear that only the most daring women choose to wear.


Costumes similar to thongs were believed to have been worn by Amazonian tribes living in Brazil. Some historians also argue that some indigenous tribes in the outskirts of Australia, Africa, South America, and other tropical areas also have attires similar to the thong’s design. Thong swimwear was derived from the design of these indigenous tribes’ outfit. It was first introduced in the 1940s by a designer known for creating extremely daring and revealing swimwear styles, Rudi Gernreich.


These swimsuit sets are composed of a top and a thong. such pieces come in several varieties from various top and bottom combinations. The tops come in different styles including string, triangle, micro, bandeau (or tube top), halter, and tank tops. These tops are paired with thong bikini bottoms, which come in several basic varieties. These daring undergarments are also available in various colors, designs, and patterns. To create a unique look, you can mix and match tops and bottoms. Just make sure that the pieces fit snugly around your bust, waist, and crotch area.

What sets transparent pieces apart

These are known for leaving maximum butt exposure. Leaving very little fabric to cover the butt area, they are commonly used when sunbathing. See-through items double this butt-revealing capacity by making use of transparent materials. In fact, it leaves everything else that the swimsuit is supposed to cover exposed as if they weren’t clothed. The little pieces of fabric used to cover the breasts, crotch, and buttocks are made of special materials that allow the skin to be seen through.

Materials such as nylon, vinyl, mesh, and crochet are most commonly used in such swimwear. Some pieces only reveal their transparent nature when wet, while others totally expose the body to the naked eye even if they are dry. Bathing suits that do not seem see-through when dry but totally reveal the body when wet are also known as sheer swimwear.